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Incorporated in Oslo in 2012, Dalmar has built a large and loyal customer base. Dalmar serves private customers as well as non-government organizations, corporates and charities.

Dalmar and Dahabshiil came together in 2020 when Dahabshiil took a majority shareholding in Dalmar. Dalmar is now part of the largest African money service business and specialises in sending money to East Africa including Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia as well as Europe, Australia, USA, Canada and the UAE.

Dalmar's mission is to offer its customers a high quality, convenient and affordable fast money transfer service. The firm's long-term strategy is to maintain its position as the market leader and the first choice for its customers especially the East African diaspora. In addition to serving individual customers, Dalmar offers money remittance services to businesses and international organizations which rely on Dalmar to provide payment services to their staff, contractors, government institutions, and partner NGOs.

The importance of money transfer services

Many international organizations have recognized the crucial role of remittances, both during humanitarian crises and for development. For example, organizations including the United Nations, World Bank, Oxfam, and others comment regularly on the importance of money transfer services. They describe them as a lifeline for millions of people, especially those living in rural communities where financial service providers, such as banks, do not exist. Dalmar, being part of the Dahabshiil group of companies, has a very strong presence in East African rural communities. This enables some of Africa's very poorest people to survive, while also fostering economic development by allowing others to invest and create jobs, thus contributing to growth on the continent.

International organizations have also recognized that regulated companies like Dalmar are a much safer and more desirable money remittance option compared with less controlled informal channels.

Commitment to communities

Dalmar, as part of the Dahabshiil network of companies has a long-standing tradition of contributing to the communities in which it supports. We contribute 5% of our profits to humanitarian and community regeneration projects. We support and have provided millions of dollars to projects such as hospitals, schools, and community facilities.

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