Sending Money

Norwegian and foreign passports (not emergency passports)

• Norwegian & European driving licenses

• Norwegian bank cards with photo

• National ID cards issued by an EEA country (an overview of these can be found in

the Immigration Regulations appendix 4)

• Norwegian immigration passport (blue passport)

• Norwegian travel document for refugees (green passport)

• Electronic identification in accordance with the Money Laundering Regulations § 4-3 fourth paragraph.

The identification document must be valid. The documentation cannot be expired on date

When you provide the documentation physically to one of our agents, the customer must provide original documentation.

If your document was not accepted, it is possible that one of the below scenarios happened:

1. The document cannot be read due to low-quality scan/photo

2. An incorrect document was uploaded, e.g. proof of address instead of proof of identity

3. Incomplete document upload, e.g. only the front side of the ID card was uploaded but the reverse side is missing

4. The document has expired

5. The name, address and/or date of birth do not match with the information you entered in your Dahabshiil profile

As a Financially Regulated Company we are under an obligation to follow what are known as the "Know Your Customer" regulations, which require that we must understand who our customers are and understand who they are sending to and why.

We will ask all customers to provide some photo ID.

Sometimes we might also need to see proof of your income or Source of Funds. This is particularly likely if you are sending large amounts or have been a customer for a long time.

Occasionally we also might ask for information or documents relating to your beneficiary.

If you don't have any of the documents that we ask for please contact us and we can review your account.


If your money comes from your salary, we might ask to see documents that show:

1. your role

2. your annual salary

3. your employer's name and address

4. the dates you started your employment

5. the dates you received salary payments

Here are some examples of documents you could use:

✓ payslips

✓ the salary section of your contract

✓ 3 months of bank statements

✓ your latest tax return


If your money comes from a loan, we might ask to see documents that show:

1. the amount you borrowed

2. the date you received the money

3. the name of the lender

4. the address of the lender

5. the purpose of the loan

Here are some examples of documents you could use:

✓ extracts from your loan agreement

✓ 3 months of loan statements

✓ bank statements showing you received the money

✓ any other proof

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